Hostel Information


Location: C24 - Wen Chih Tang
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Number of Residents: 113

Number of rooms: 55 (including 51 twin rooms, 1 single room for Assistant Warden, 1 triple room and 2 quad rooms)


A television, a DVD player, a table-tennis table, snooker-like Chinese chess, a music room with a piano, an add-value machine, Internet, solar water heaters, washing machines, clothes dryers, rooftop for clothes hanging

Hostel fee:


1st Term (2013-2014)

2nd Term (2013-2014)

Standard rooms



Special rooms



Miscellaneous fees



Deposit (for the whole year)

$1000 (refund upon completion of move out procedure as listed in the Student Hostel Regulations)

Remarks: Hostel fees and miscellaneous fees are to be paid in the beginning of each term. Miscellaneous fees include laundry, telephone lines and smart card system. Residents need to purchase tokens with their CU Link card to turn on air-conditioners and dryers.