Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies Programme, Faculty of Social Science

Director of Master of Global Political Economy Programme, Faculty of Social Science

Co-Director of International Affairs Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies


Description: Description: Description: IMG_3072 (2)Prof. SHEN Xu Hui Simon 沈旭暉


BA (Political Science and History, summa cum laude), 
MA (Political Science), Yale University;

D.Phil., (Politics and International Relations), University of Oxford



(852) 3943 4795


(852) 2603 6774


Hui Yeung Shing Building,

Chung Chi College,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 
Shatin, NT,

Hong Kong






Trained as an international relations scholar, Prof. Simon Shen is an Associate Professor and Director of both Global Studies Programme and the Master of Global Political Economy Programme in the Faculty of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the meantime, he is also serving as the Co-Director of International Affairs Research Centre in the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies in the same University. He got his DPhil degree from University of Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations in 2006, and his MA/BA degrees in political science and history from Yale University in 2000. He worked at the University of Warwick and Brookings Institution's Center of Northeast Asian Studies as a Visiting Fellow in 2011 and 2010 respectively. His current researches include Chinese nationalism and Chinese foreign policy, external relations of Hong Kong, anti-terrorism and regional security in Asia, among others.

Prof. Shen is an active researcher who has published dozens of academic research articles in leading internationally refereed journals, including China QuarterlyChina ReviewJournal of Contemporary China, Pacific ReviewPacific AffairsAsian SurveyTerrorism and Political Violence, among others (inc. accepted and forthcoming articles). He is holding various adjunct professorships and honorary researcher positions in a number of universities and institutes all over the world, including the Development Research Center of the State Council of People's Republic of China. As a frequent speaker on global issues and a regular commentator on international relations on top of his academic identity, he is appointed to join public services by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government in various committees and the Central Policy Unit, and is also the founder of Global Studies Institute in Hong Kong, director and head of international relations research center of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, publisher of the monthly Global Studies Journal in Chinese, and the Founding Chancellor of the Roundtable Network, a platform of young social scientists in Hong Kong.


Research Interests

l   Chinese Diplomacy

l   Chinese Nationalism

l   Terrorism and Regional Security

l   External Relations of Hong Kong

l   Sub-sovereignty in International Relations

l   Youth Affairs and Education of Hong Kong


Courses taught

·            GLBS2101 History of Globalization

·            GLBS3101 Theories of Globalization

·            GLBS3102 Global Governance and International Law

·            GPEC5206 Hong Kong External Relations and Global Political Economy

·            GPEC5502 Topical Studies in Global Political Economy (II)


Selected Publications

A.       Academic Books


1.           Multi-dimensional Diplomacy of Contemporary China (ed. With Jean-Marc Blanchard). New York: Rowman & Littlefield (Lexington Books), 2010.

2.           Online Chinese Nationalism and China’s Bilateral Relations (ed. With Shaun Breslin). New York: Rowman & Littlefield (Lexington Books), 2010. [Chinese Translation to be published by University of Hong Kong Press, 2011]

3.           Redefining Nationalism in Modern China: Sino-American Relations and the Emergence of Chinese Public Opinions in the 21st Century. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

[Chinese Translation to be published by Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, forthcoming.]

4.           Chinese Response to Anti-terrorism (ed.) New York: Nova Science Publishing, 2007.


5.           Non-state Actors and Foreign Affairs of the Greater China Region [非國家個體與大中華地區的整合] (ed. with Joseph Cheng). Hong Kong: City University Press, 2007.

A.    Refereed Academic Journal Articles

English in Social Science Citation Index:

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B.    Refereed Academic Book Chapters / Conference Papers


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[Authorized to update from Occasional Paper of HKIAPS, CUHK, 2010]

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C.                  Others – Books and Articles for the General Public


Other Conference Papers / Presentations / Book Reviews for Academic Journals are Not Listed Here; Available Upon Request.

Being the Authors of Various Books to Popularize International Relations Studies for the General Population, including:

Studying International Relations from Movies I (2007, UP Publishing, ISBN-9881789613)

Studying International Relations from Movies IIA (2008, UP Publishing, ISBN- 9789881773548)

Studying International Relations from Movies IIB (2009, UP Publishing, ISBN- 9789889947996)

Studying International Relations from Movies III (2010, Roundtable Synergy Books, ISBN-9789889955380)

Studying International Relations from Movies IV (2011, Roundtable Synergy Books, ISBN-9789881965585)  

Studying International Relations from Movies (Simplified Chinese Version) (2010, Renmin University Press, ISBN-9787300125541)

Studying International Relations from Asian Sports (2010, Roundtable Synergy Books, ISBN-9789651965516)

Post-SAR International Song I – New Interpretation on Middle East Anti-terrorism (2005, CUP Publishing, ISBN-988-98409-4-4)

Post-SAR International Song II – Neo-Conservative Skulls of the USA (2006, Roundtable Publishing, ISBN-988-99227-3-8)

Memoirs on the Yale Life (2003, Mingpao Publishing, ISBN-962-97398-7-9)

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l   Appointed Member, Quality Education Fund Steering Committee, Education Bureau (2012 – )

l   Appointed Member, Environmental Campaign Committee, Environment Bureau (2011 – )

l   Appointed Member, Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSARG (2010 – )

l   Appointed Member, History Museum Consultation Committee, Homes Affairs Bureau, HKSARG (2010 –)

l   Delegate, Official 212-membered Delegation of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing (2009)

l   Appointed Member, Antiquities Advisory Board, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSARG (2007 – )

l   Appointed Part-time Member, Central Policy Unit, HKSARG (2007 – 2008)

l   Appointed Member, Appeal Board established under Part 2 of Schedule 6 to the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, Health Welfare and Food Bureau (2007 – 2008)

l   Appointed Member, Advisory Panel, Radio Television Hong Kong (2006 – )

l   Advisor, Taiwan Legislative Councilor Chu Fengzhi (2004 – )




l   Founding Chancellor, Roundtable Institute and its Network (2004 –)

l   Advisor, Association of Honorary Consuls of Hong Kong and Macau (2010 – )

l   Honorary Executive, B&P Foundation (2010 – )

l   Advisor, Hong Kong Model United Nations Organization (2009 – )

l   Member, Fair Trade Fortnight 2010 Conference Organizing Committee (2009-2010)

l   Vice-convener, Culture Centre, Chinese Culture Development United Organization (2009 – )

l   Member, Hong Kong Strategy Group (Alumni of Part-time Members of Central Policy Unit of HKSARG) (2009 – )

l   Vice-President, Yale University Hong Kong Alumni Club (2004 – 2005; 2008 – 2010)

l   Invited Ambassador to evaluate the post-tsunami service in Sri Lanka by Oxfam Hong Kong (2005)